Questions and Answers of ololo art studio:
1) Why such a price?
50% of the payment received from talents is charged as payment their leaders. This level of compensation allows ololo to attract the best specialists in Kyrgyzstan for teaching. These are special people who spent far more than 10,000 hours to get their profession, they are able to teach both pupils and future teachers, each of them is a practicing professional, not a theoretical professor. They love art so much that they can inspire love to others.
2) Where do the other 50% go?
For labor of tiptoppers, who provide cosiness, rent, utility payments, repairs and development: the purchase of tools, the search for new leaders and talents, scholarships for the fastest growing talents. This allows ololo art studio to develop without stopping. All profits are reinvested in order to move to the Vision of ololo: to build an academy of creative # 1 in Asia.
3) Are there any discounts?
Discounts are provided in case of one-time payment for 3 months in advance, – 1000 soms discount for each month.
In addition, if during the classes the leader notices, that you are disciplined to attend classes and show good progress (the best 10% of talents), then the studio gives a special scolarship – a discount on classes.
4) Can I first just try it?
We provide the opportunity to attend a full-time lesson, which will get you to know the leader and help you to make a decision whether you need it or not. In case you do not want to continue, we do not take payment for this class – this is how our quality guarantee works.
5) I work, and I have a very busy schedule until 8 pm, how to be?
Our studio is very flexible to the requests of talents, and we can conduct lessons both at 7 am and at 9 pm!
6) What does ololo mean?
When formulating the name of the company, we sorted out a huge number of options. Our good friend Asan Botbaev offered this name, which we liked very much. It catches because it is unusual, musical, definitely positive, dynamic, breaks stereotypes and perfectly conveys our atmosphere. This is love, joy, music, peace, friendship. That’s what ololo means.
7) I was told that I am terrible at singing / playing. Will I succeed?
We have more than once convinced ourselves that this is not an argument, and more than once we proved the opposite. Most teachers tend to work only with outstanding all-knowing students, so they are easily denied to those who have difficulties at the beginning of the journey. ololo does not accidentally call its students as talents. We believe in you and your desire to develop.
8) I’m a pensioner, can I try, too?
Sure! Just after quiting everyday work, we need additional trainings to bring colors into everyday life and maintain the tone of the brain in good condition.