with Maksat Idrisov

On the course of sketching you will...

learn to

Express your creative ideas with simple but easy-to-understand drawings


how to simplify the perception of information to your listeners


base skills of drawing

What does the class teach

This course on how to visualize your creative intentions, to simplify the solution of problems, such as the reporting of exactly your ideas to other people. The uniqueness of this course is that these directions are poorly developed in our country, and this can help in solving complex problems by visualizing and simplifying them. This can be used at conferences, public appearances, presentations, in brainstorming, or simply in expressing one’s ideas to performers.
Depending on the interests of the group, a bias towards the sketch will be implemented: visualization to solve business problems, or to the side of a storyboard: visualization of scenarios to simplify further work on it. During the course, the student will also solve his tasks, after which he will present himself to the rest of the group, and practice the acquired skills.


3 group classes in a week


90 minutes


7000 soms for 12 group classes

class leaders

Maksat Idrisov graduated from the Kyrgyz State School named after Chuikov, specializing in painter and painter. Very close to the style of comics, working on their creation and also on the creation of animated series. Among them, "Gaiyaypstanga Sayakhat", "Balapan zhane onyon dostry," "Professor Whytoshkin", "Beshtentek" and others. Developed directing on storyboards for 2D and 3D projects.

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