Do you know what “taiko” is?

Taiko is Japanese drums, an integral part of the Japanese cultural tradition. Playing on this musical instrument is a kind of dance, where powerful sound and dynamic manner of performance merge into one. In the ololo art studio, this exotic class is taught by Azim Alisherov, who mastered his skills while studying with famous masters in Japan in Kanagawa Prefecture, the city of Kawasaki. Visual performance is presented in the video from “Musical Erkindik”:

ololo & taiko

Выступление лидера ololo Азима Алишерова и группы TENDO 21 марта 2016 (Нооруз) на бульваре Эркиндик. Смотрите в HD с хорошим звуком.

Опубликовано ololo art studio 23 марта 2016 г.