Book Thursday: Watership Down

Date: 5 October

Time: 18:30-20:00

Location: ololohaus, Business Center Victory (Ibraimova 103, 3rd floor)

Ticket: 100 KGS

Eleonora Proayaeva:
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Richard Adams, “The Inhabitants of the Hills”
This is one of those books that an adult opens with skepticism, sighing before the inevitable. Nuuuu, since you so ask, come on, read, “says this adult to his offspring.
And after a few pages he already forgets about whom he reads, and about everything in the world.
The book about rabbits tightens, because its characters and the relationship between them resemble people, but are better than us, humans. It is good because it is well written – this is when you forget that you read a book, you just live in it.
A book about how rabbits were able to build a just society, coming out of the lulling routines of everyday life. What did it cost them? The same as us, people. This book is about the courage of overcoming, about true friendship, about wisdom.
If you have children over the age of seven, you can read this fascinating story of 500 pages together – and you will see how much in common you will have.
Of course, everyone will find their own meanings. The author, by the way, often hints at the subjects and heroes from the world classics, so at the expense of this book you will also expand your readership horizon. It is no accident that this book is called an intellectual best seller – and this is actually so.
On Thursday, October 5 at the ololo house at 6.30 pm, we are going to discuss Richard Adams’s book The Inhabitants of the Hills. Extremely strict Stephen King called her “fucking entertaining”.
Come and you. Cookies and tea, as always)). Well, lettuce is the number one rabbit snack :).

Date: October 5, Thursday at 18:30
Address: ololohaus (Ibraimova 103, 3rd floor)
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Questions by phone 0777990089

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