Johann Sebastian Bach





Johann Sebastian Bach is a German composer, organist-virtuoso, conductor, music teacher. There are a lot of incomprehensible words in this description, is not it? If you want to understand what they mean, and in general learn more about this great composer and hear his works, then come on September 27 at 18:30 in the ololohaus for our first lecture on music literature and enjoy the wonderful!
Balasagyn Musayev, our new leader, a young but insanely talented and knowledgeable musician, will read and introduce us to Bach’s works. He was trained, by the way, in Moscow, and passed an internship in Paris. Now she studies, teaches and writes her music.

Free admission

Date: September 27, Wednesday, at 18:30
Address: ololohaus, Business Center Victory (Ibraimova str. 103, 3rd floor)
Information on the phone: 0777 990 089

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